The Cuckoo Valley (El Valle del Cuco) is a part of the region named Campo de Peñafiel and of the Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero from Valladolid, in the province of Valladolid, autonomous region of Castilla y León, Spain. It is a narrow and green valley with a very characteristic landscape, shaped by the waters of the Cuckoo Creek (Arroyo del Cuco), which ends in the Duero River, in the municipality of Bocos. It contains the municipalities of Curiel de Duero, Bocos de Duero, Valdearcos de la Vega, Corrales de Duero and San Llorente del Valle. All of them, together with Roturas and the Despoblado de Jarrubia (Iglesia Rubia) in San Llorente, used to belong to the historical community of the village and land of Curiel. Nowadays, Roturas is not included in the Valle del Cuco.

In Curiel de Duero, in the Winery Centum Cadus (“hundred barrels”), we produce an artisan wine as a limited series, searching for the highest quality. We select grapes of the variety “tinta fina” from old wineyards, which lay at an altitude of more than 900 m high in Baños de Valdearados (Burgos), where some pre-phylloxera rootstocks do still survive, and in Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid).