Conditions and politics for returned items

Sales conditions

Prices shown include transport and IVA valid at each time (currently 21% for wines, valid in the Spanish peninsular area, excluding islands, Ceuta and Melilla). Delivery terms range across 24-28 hours, in cities or province capital cities. They can be longer in case of re-expeditions, municipalities of difficult access, and climatic or traffic conditions, unrelated to the transport agency.

The customer must check at the time of the delivery the good conditions and correct quantity of the received order. Centum Cadus will not admit any complain or return if it is not specified on behalf of the customer with his/her name, ID number and signature, in the delivery sheet of the carrier, as a non-conformity at the time of the delivery.

Return policy

The user/buyer will have a term of seven (7) business days, according to the official calendar in his/her usual residence place, to be counted from the receipt of the bought goods on, to resolve the purchase without incurring any penalties or costs, except the derived from the product return. In any case, it will be understood that the user/buyer knows the right of withdrawal from the corresponding entry in the web site, which requests the reading and acceptation of the present General Conditions, and that knows it from the moment the order is done.
The procedure to arrange a return will be initiated with the formal request from the user/buyer. He/she must address an electronic mail to the address, including his order number.
Once the user/buyer receives the conformity for the return, he/she must arrange it within a term of five (5) next days, sending the product to “Centum Cadus”, to the designated address and indicating the order number in the packaging.
Returns must be always arranged through our transport agencies and with the knowledge and acceptation of Centum Cadus. Returns after fifteen (15) days will not be accepted, and if the decision is made to accept them, they should be exchanged for other products, assuming the customer this transport cost.
No returned product will be accepted if it is not received in perfect conditions and/or in its original packaging.
If the user/buyer chooses to execute this right, Centum Cadus will return the amounts received as a payment, only retaining the transport costs if the payment was done with a credit card, and the commission if it was a bank transfer.
Despite all the above described, the right of withdrawal is excluded in the cases where, due to the nature of the purchased products, it is not possible to arrange a return, notwithstanding the corresponding claim for damages and prejudice suffered.