FAQ about transport

What does the transport price include?

The rates detailed in this site include, apart from the transport of the requested products, its packaging in especially designed boxes for bottle transport, the insurance against loss or breakage and the VAT in the countries where this tax is applied. 

Do you offer free transport from a determined number of bottles or price on?

From 230 EUR on.

How long will my order take?

In the Iberian Peninsula, orders take normally around 2-3 business days to be delivered.

Time starts to count from 9 h on in the morning of the next business day after Centum Cadus has received the income, for orders paid through bank transfer.

What happens if any bottle is broken on the way?

In case any bottle is broken during the transport, Centum Cadus will make the corresponding arrangements to recover all the products in your order and will conduct a complete re-expedition of all these products. If by the receipt you detect any wet box or you suspect that a breakage has occurred, please get in contact with us to solve the incidence.

And what if I am not home when the transport arrives?

In this case, the carrier will leave a note with a telephone number, which you can call to, in order to arrange a new date for the delivery.

If the order still cannot be delivered in a second trial, you should go to the carrier’s office to collect your order.

Do I have to pay any amount of money to the transport agency?

The transport is included in the total price of the order.