Give time to time

The most difficult job is done by the vineyards. Our elaboration is meticulous and careful, as well as simple: we harvest by hand on the first days of October. Each small batch ferments separately, extracting the flavours and the ripe tannins with the gentleness that these delicate fruits request. Once the fermentations are finished, we transport the wine to the subterranean cellar, to be grown – slowly, leisurely…- in new barrels made of French and American oak. There is where the wine acquires cleanliness, complexity and elegance. We clear it again with natural egg-white inside the same barrel, in the same way great wines were formerly processed. After the clearing process, the wine is bottled and rests calm until the fineness, balance and complexity of a great wine is achieved.

This is the origin of the Dominio del Cuco, that is what we want to transmit with it: to capture in the flavour and taste of a wine the huge richness and value of the ancient things, of tradition, of a well-done job – slowly, leisurely…-, far away from noise and rush. A different wine, with a character that reflects the unique personality of each year’s harvest, produced with rigor and maximum excellence, with the enthusiasm and audacity that the creation of a great wine requests.